Hello 2016 (Year of the Non-recluse)

The new year is here, phew! Time for a little self-analysis. The last year certainly had its ups and downs. On the negative side: our dog Dusty passed away, some of our family is further away, and some of our family went through an upheaval. On the positive side: Jack is a healthy, happy boy, I get to see him every day at home, and my husband and I have a strong, loving marriage. I wouldn’t trade our little family for the world!

My husband was especially excited about 2016. He has a theory that even numbered years are good, and odd years are bad. We are not generally superstitious people, by the way. We met in 2006, married in 2008, and our son was born 2014. On some of the odd years, we experienced deaths in the family. There were many other little ups and downs, but those are the big ones. Hopefully 2016 holds something amazing for us. Almost everyone has goals or resolutions for the year. Mine are as follows:

• Don’t become a recluse. Sounds odd, but it’s true. As a stay at home mom and quiet introvert, I find that I can easily go days without leaving the house. I get caught up entertaining the little one at home and enjoy staying in our nice, warm house a bit too much. Sometimes I really need to push myself out the door. I’m going to avoid becoming a hermit this year.

• Get more fresh air. This can go hand in hand with the first one. It’s too easy to stay indoors in this cold weather. If we get a warmer day, I need to bundle up Jack and spend some time outside. I always feel more refreshed afterwards. Summer is no problem, we walk every day. Winter is the tough part.

• Organize and simplify. We have boxes in our basement from when we moved in a few years ago that I should go through. If I haven’t needed something in that time, I should consider rehoming it. Also, I would like to finally paint our master bathroom, the last room in the house to be painted. There are many other smaller easy projects around the house that I would like to finally get to as well.

Of course, I could also say the overused goals – eat healthier, be a good mom, take care of myself and my family – but I feel like those should go without saying. Those are ever-present goals for life in general that carry forth each year.

Now that the holidays are through, I hope everyone can look forward to this new year with a fresh outlook. The past year may have held some tough times for you, but this new year is a clean slate. And remember, don’t become a recluse. Explore that world out there!



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