Flowerpot Craft

Jack helped me decorate a flowerpot for my grandmother’s 80th birthday. She had a surprise party this past weekend.

I really wasn’t sure what to get for her, so I decided something personalized would be best. I googled images of footprint crafts to do with little ones. In my experience, footprints have been easier to do with Jack than handprints. He always wants to close his hand when I put it on the paper. The footprints are also easiest to do when he is in his high chair so he cannot grab his paint-covered feet with his hands or run off. Here is my willing participant with some snacks to keep him happy:


I started by painting the flowerpot blue for the sky and the base green for the grass. It took 2 coats. I used regular craft paint. I also set them on top of cans while I painted so they didn’t stick to the newspaper that I laid out underneath.

I did one yellow footprint for a bumblebee one day, then both feet had red and orange for a butterfly the next day. I thought it best to space them out over a couple of days so the pot would be easier to handle and my toddler would be less likely to get annoyed with me.

Here is the yellow footprint for our bumblebee done with the toes pointing down:


Next is the butterfly. The right foot is on the left side and the left foot is on the right side:


Lastly, I added the details and sprayed it with a protective sealer.




I put a jade plant inside. This was a great craft to do with Jack who hasn’t been able to use crayons yet without trying to eat them!


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