Sunday was a rainy day here, so I spent the morning making a cape for Jack. He enjoyed it when I measured him with my  measuring tape. He kept wanting me to measure him again. Jack’s favorite stuffed animal is a bear dressed as Batman, so I thought it would be fun if he matched his bear.

I bought a yard of blue fabric and a yard of superhero patterned fabric. I had a lot extra though! I used blue thread, my sewing machine, scissors, measuring tape, pins, velcro, and a white colored pencil. I took rough measurements of Jack and planned for a half inch seam.

I layed out the patterned fabric good side up and spread the blue fabric on top. I folded them in half and drew out the cape with the white colored pencil. It took some adjusting, but eventually I was happy with how it looked and cut it out.



With the good sides on the inside, I pinned them together and sewed half an inch in around the edges leaving a few inches open on the bottom. I used that hole to turn it inside out. I then sewed around the edge again a little closer to the edge and added the velcro. The cape can also be worn in reverse!


It needs to be ironed, but I was too excited for him to try it on. Here is Jack enjoying his new cape:





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